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Friday, May 2, 2008

How Many MMO Blogs Really Make Money?

Let me start out by apologizing for not posting here in almost a month. I do run my own contracting company and with spring time finally upon us I have been extremely busy which is a very good thing especially considering how crappy the economy is and the real estate and new home construction markets have been in the toilet for quite some time now.

So back to MMO Blogs. How many really make money? My personal opinion is probably not very many. There are so many of them out there which makes it a very difficult niche to break into and actually make some coin in the process. Also; sooo much of the same old crap is rehashed on 42 million different blogs so therefore most have no real value and carry a certain stigma. I'm sure that if you've read more than a few, you've seen it for yourself. Unless you are extremely passionate about making money online and spend a lot of time actually doing it you will never have a successful MMO blog.

I'm relatively new to the blogging world and have already seen quite a few come and go. It seems that a great many new bloggers start blogging for the wrong reason, to make money, it doesn't start rolling in quick enough and next thing you know the blog is abandoned. If your going to be a successful blogger you should love to write and also love what you're writing about. Yeah, I know... we all love money, but that should be secondary and it will come. If your just in it for the money, people will smell ya from a mile away which is the biggest reason why the MMO blog is so difficult to be successful with just because of what it is...duh...a make money blog.

Honestly, my personal blog is much more successful than this one. I have more readers and much more active participation from those readers and because of that it makes more money. The funny thing is that both were started with basically the same intention, to tell a story. Both blogs are monetized but neither are designed for the sole purpose of making money. For this blog specifically, I'll continue to tell you what works for me and what doesn't. The programs that I recommend... they work and they make me money...the blog itself... not so much yet, but I'll definitely let you know if, when and how that changes.


  1. I think many make money blogs try to put up too many ads too quickly and all they do is put people off. I agree that it's a very competitive niche and sadly filled with many greedy people. I believe you need to have a "give in order to get" type attitude and without it you might make a few bucks but question how successful someone like this is likely to be.

    None of these comments are directed at your blog. Just make money online blogs in general. There are some real pearls out there amongst all the rubbish but it can be tedious sifting through to find them.

    Standing the test of time seems to be a good marker of those who really want to consistently make money AND help others.

  2. Very well said lightning... I agree completely... Thanks for taking the time to read and comment... I'll be sure to stop by your blog and have a look around :-)

  3. I find MMO blogs boring. You read the same stuff over and over. Same sh*t - different blog!

  4. Hey jazz... thanks for commenting and I do know what you mean... as lightning said above it is "tedious" trying to find one that's fresh and interesting so unless your really devoted to making money online or at least attempting to your not going to take the time to "sift through the rubbish." If you have the time check out my custody and divorce blog... it's definitely not the same old sh*t :-)

  5. I've found some interesting information on make money blogs. What I'd like to find is a company that actually pays bloggers good money. It's hard to try to make a buck with blogs since Google started all their pr stuff.

  6. Thanks for the comment april... Ahhh yes... the elusive google monster with it's ever changing algorithms... lol I think the only sure-fire bet is to spend less time searching for seo short-cuts and spend it on writing quality content instead and let the links come naturally, but if I ever do figure it out... I'll let ya know

  7. A good indication as to whether a MMO blog is worth listening to: do they have their own products?

    If so, they have realized the key to making money online in any niche, and they probably are worth listening to or even befriending to get some good tips.

    I just did a review of a MMO blog and some of the problems mentioned here (plus a whole lot more) were standing in his way from actually making money online.

  8. I don't know how to monetize my blog, I'm afraid. I started blogging for the heck of it, on a whim, and haven't left. Everything I've done has been self-taught in my ample amount of spare time (not). I'll have to go check out your other site too. :)

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  10. Thanks for the comments...

    Good Point bryan... I'll be sure to check out your review...

    grandy, my best advise would be start small with maybe adsense or bidvertiser, don't over-do-it all at once, I'll check out your blog and see if I can offer any advice...

    rakee... I've been debating that... I'll check it out

  11. I agree, you schoul love to write and write about things you love.

  12. There is only so much you can write without rehashing the same old tricks.

    I notice even John Chow has shifted his blog from teaching people how to make money to a more personal style.

  13. Thanks for the comment jeflin... I think a blog must have "personality"... it keeps the readers reading :-)

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