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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time Is Money!

"Time is money." It's a very simple and very old expression, and also very true. Being in business for myself, I have learned that in order to be successful, time management is absolutely critical. There are many different aspects to any business of which an appropriate amount of time must be spent on each in order for that business to grow and prosper. Being able to "multi-task" is certainly helpful for the "day-to-day routine activities" however focused, individualized attention must be spent in areas such as research & product development, advertising & marketing, customer relations etc.

The same is true for building a successful online business or a successful blog. With respect to blogging, we've all been told that quality content and regular posting is the key, but if no one knows it's there it's pretty damn useless. So then we start searching for ways to build traffic and get ourselves some readers. There are a million & one ways out there to do this and it can become a "total time sucker" causing you to slack off on creating quality content and posting regularly. This can cause a negative effect on your blog because the last thing you should want to do is attract new readers to a stale and boring blog.

So, here's my advice. Make a schedule and stick to it. Write it down, put it on your calender and most importantly, keep it realistic. Choose the days and times that you will devote to your blog, whether it be an hour or two a day or 10 hours every Sunday and then break that time up for all the different areas that you want to concentrate on, but remember; we all have a life outside of the blogging world, so don't forget about your family and friends or your real job :-)


  1. Time is really important in blogging. For bloggers to update blog and put quality posts needs lot of time. After a blog releases a continuous stream of quality content, driving traffic to it also takes more time. One way of driving traffic which takes you more time doing it is "leaving comments" to other blogs.

  2. Thanks for taking the "time" to comment eric and yes, you are absolutely correct, leaving comments on other blogs does help to drive traffic in a variety of ways.

    Comments can create a back-link to your blog therefore exposing you to new readers that may not have found you otherwise. And, of course the more links back to your blog the better for your page rank.

    You also can also earn more credibility in your niche when you leave an intelligent, thought provoking comment. Thanks again for yours.

  3. As an avid reader of everything business. I'm a firm believer of the 80/20 rule. Marketing should be 80 percent of your time with 20 percent devoted to content. What do you think?

  4. Hey rick... thanks for the comment... "the 80/20 rule"... there's a highly debatable subject... I have quite a few thoughts on that... I think I may turn it into a post and give you a link for planting the seed... Thanks!


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