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Friday, April 4, 2008

Increase Your Traffic With EntreCard!

I have just recently signed up for an account with EntreCard and I must say the increase in my traffic is phenomenal! Sign up is free and the increase in traffic is almost instant! It's quick, it's easy and it's fun!

I see it as a blog networking goup, very similar to a business networking group. You create a card that is sort of like an online business card for your blog. When you visit the blogs of other EntreCard members, you can "drop" your card for them, giving them the opportunity to view your blog and also earning you credits for a variety of things such as advertising on other members' blogs.

Other members will also request to advertise on your blog, which earns you even more credits! And; of course you have the right to approve or deny any and all "advert requests. As we all know the key to a successful blog is exposure and targeted traffic and EntreCard provides just that! Check it out for yourself!


  1. Thank you very much, I appreciate your advice. Thanks again. Concerning Entrecard, that's true that it is boosting my traffic, and its fun for real !

  2. Thanks for the comment! And Good Luck! I'll be sure to swing by your page and drop for you.

  3. Nice blog you got here. You're an inspiration for the 'rest of us'. Cheers!

  4. Thanks joe... very nice of you to say! Cheers to you too!

  5. Look! After I robbed the liquor store, I ran all the way back here! I've linked you up so I won't miss your 'cooking contest'. You have a good day, yeah? Take care.


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