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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Making Changes With EntreCard & Do Follow

Wow... It's been over a month since I posted anything on here! I wonder if I have any readers left... lol... Sorry folks... I have been focusing on other projects, making changes and additions to my online endeavors with another new blog and a forum while exploring some different ways of building traffic.

For starters... I have changed the way in which I use entrecard. For quite some time I was dropping 300 cards per day with both of my entrecard blogs and was getting an average of 160 - 170 return drops for each blog per day. It was very time consuming to drop 600 cards a day and although it was generating traffic... it wasn't quality traffic... the vast majority was "drop & run" which only served to bring up my bounce rate... so now... I am being more selective with my card dropping... taking the time to actually read the blogs that I am dropping cards on, and leaving comments when I have something intelligent to say... no spamming. I have also removed my "u drop - i follow" badge because quite simply... I am no longer immediately returning drops... sometimes it takes me a few days now. Of course I have noticed a substantial decline in my entrecard traffic... however it is now of a much higher quality... with people actually spending time on my blog, reading, subscribing and leaving comments.

I have also joined the Do follow movement with all off my blogs so that we can all share some of that "Google Juice"... All Blogger templates, by default, have the Nofollow attribute built into their comments mainly to discourage comment spam. However, by removing this attribute, it encourages people to comment on your blog because they realize that links in comments are being followed by the google spiders. It's acyually quite easy to remove the Nofollow attribute for both comments and backlinks in Blogger blogs. For detailed instructions and lots of other cool tips and tricks for Blogger blogs... check out Blogger For Dummies.


  1. I also dropped 300 entrecards each day and get drops in return however, it is not a quality traffic so I no longer drop. Maybe only 50 drops a day.

  2. Wow That comment went right past me:)
    Hey I dodn't even know you had this site;)
    I really have to think up something GREAT to pay you back for the ads all through your empire;)
    I went by the forum let me go take a peek
    Thanks for everything

  3. Hey chiz... just like the old saying "it's not quantity that counts, it's quality" I'm finding that a mindless drop and run campaign just gets you the same thing in return... Thanks for your comment.

  4. ha ha ... johnny boy... welcome to another little corner of my world... and you don't owe me nothin' there "stumble master"... like I always say one hand washes the other... two hands wash the face... so let's just stay clean ;-)

  5. I was wondering what that meant. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I am going to head over and remove the nofollow from my blog:)

  6. Hey tahtimbo... thanks for the comment... glad I could help you out... if you're looking to increase your page rank... the other thing you should start doing is instead of posting comments with your google account... use open id or the name/url option... that way you are getting a link back to your blog rather than your profile page :-)

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