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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blogging And Google Adsense

A really simple way to make a little extra money online or even potentially a lot of extra money, especially if you like to write is to create a blog and incorporate google adsense into your blog. Your blog can be about anything that your passionate about, opinionated about or have a vast amount of knowledge about. The key is to make it fun and interesting so that people will want to read it! Then, of course you'll need traffic (people visiting your blog). I'm not going to get into traffic building just yet because it is a very extensive subject that I am still in the process of learning about and attempting to master.

Once you've created your blog you can sign up for google adsense. (it's free) Basically what adsense does is places targeted ads on your on your blog that are relevant to your content. Every time that someone clicks on one of these ads, you get paid! The amount of money that you will get paid per click varies greatly from a few cents to quite a few dollars per click, but the bottom line is you will get paid for every click! There are several "program policies" that you must adhere to. Most importantly, you can not click on your own ads and you can not specifically ask for clicks. Trust me; as you start to develop more traffic, the clicks will come! We live in a "click happy" world now and it doesn't cost your readers anything to click on the ads to see what they are about. Remember, the ads are targeted to your content so they should be of interest to your readers. Another plus is... I have heard that there are lots of bloggers out there that click on ads in the blogs that they like as sort of a small contribution to the blog writer's creative efforts!

Good Luck!

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